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 The SICO Technology GmbH is producing and manufacturing quartzglass, silicon and ceramics since years. Because of this long time experience, we can offer you complete solutions for your serial and customized production. Use our know-how, to find an individual and optimum solution for your special application.

Milestones of Sico

Sico old copany buildingSico Technology GmbH ( Silicon Connection ) has been founded in Bad Bleiberg and started with quartz and silicon processing for semiconductor equipment
Sico Jena
  • Sico took over „Burgauer Quarzglasschmelze“ in Jena (Germany)
  • Sico started up with Silicon wafer, Ceramic and Silicon carbide machining in Jena.
  • Sico developed fused silica ( SQ ) and fused quartz ( Silux ) furnaces and produced this two quartz types for different applications.
  • The advanced technology for fused silica production has been sold to Schott Lithotec. Schott produces SQ fused silica with this technology.
  • Sico founded the Sico Quartz Inc. in the US / Phoenix
  • Production of ASM-EPI-Chambers , Cleaning Tanks und Semiconductor Equipment
Sico new company buildingSico opened a new production facility in Bad Bleiberg with a new developed fused silica production for special laser optics.
Sico closed the facilities in Germany and US. and shipped the whole production equipment from Jena to Bad Bleiberg and focused on the production of special applicationes in Quartz , Silicon and Ceramic .
Silicon production facilitySico started up with production of CZ ( Czochralski ) silicon ingots for semiconductor industry.
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