Silicon is the purest and most researched commercially available material. In a purity scale, it is 4 classes purer than quartz and 7 classes purer than silicon carbide.
Alkali and heavy metal contaminants are deduced to the low ppb-range. Silicon has a working temperature of 1350 °C and ever after longer use and high temperatures it will not become porous or deform.
The thermal expansion properties are the same as for wafers.
In comparison to other materials used in the semiconductor industry, silicon guarantees highest purity while processing. Therefore silicon is the optimal material for semiconductor processes.
Silicon has a smooth surface. Special surface cleaning and quality end control ensure no particle emission during the semiconductor process.

Growing of CZ Silicon and machining of FZ & CVD Silicon

  Silicon Quartz
Devitrification No Yes No
1200 to 1300 °C Stable Plastic, Warps Stable
Coefficient of thermal Expansion Similar to wafer ~5 Times less ~1.85 Times more
Thermal conductivity (1000 °C) Similar to wafer ~10 Times higher ~10% less
Estimated costs of ownership (anno) 100% ~380% ~195%
Slip at 1200 °C None N.A. Yes
Purity 0.35 4.1 1.45
download comparison

download comparison


Silicon Wafer Carriers

  • for wafers from 2” up to 12 “ diameter
  • slot width starting at 0,3 mm
  • slot configuration allows a wafer capacity of 1 to 400
  • horizontal or vertical design
  • available as plates, tubes or profile carriers
  • carriers are compatible with automated wafer transport systems
  • for all major furnace systems
  • for high temperature processes up to 1350°C

Other Silicon Products

  • Tubes up to 230 mm diameter
  • and length up to 2300 mm
  • available with ball joints and gas fittings
  • matching end caps can be supplied
  • for all standard horizontal furnaces
  • Liner, Injektor, Pedestal for all furnace systems
  • Ingots and rods
  • Plates and prisms

Special Connection technologies

Special Connection technologies
  • Glassing Technology for silicon products
    for high temperature applications ( up to 1350 ° C ) , acid resistant
  • Crystallisation for silicon products
    for high temperature applications ( up to 1350 ° C ) , acid resistant

Czochralski crystal growing furnace

crysral growing furnace

Production of CZ Silicon for different parts due customers specification.

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